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  • Krista H Consultant Pharmacist

Learn the facts about Vitamin D

Did you also know that vitamin D not only plays a part in maintaining healthy bones, but it also prevents falls?

Vitamin D is essential to ensure proper calcium absorption and healthy bones.

Vitamin D receptors are also found in muscle and a therapeutic vita-min D level is vital for muscle strength. Studies have shown that vita-min D supplementation improves strength and physical performance, and reduces falls. Adequate vitamin D supplementation has shown to reduce falls by at least 20% and reduce the risk of hip fracture by 26% and other non-vertebral fractures by 23% or more in older adults.

New guidelines from the American Geriatric Society (AGS) recommend a serum vitamin D level (25 (OH) D concentration) of 30ng/mL as a minimum goal for older adults, particularly for frail adults, who are at higher risk for falls, injuries, and fractures. The AGS recommends an average daily input from all sources of 4,000 IU for all older adults. This level of vitamin D input should result in approximately 92% of older adults in the United States achieving target 25(OH)D levels regardless of skin pigmentation, obesity, or sun exposure.

Vitamin D3 provides the best absorption and consistent blood levels.

Dosing options include vitamin D3 50,000iu which is usually dosed twice monthly. Vitamin D3 also comes in 1,000iu and 2,000iu for convenient daily dosing.

It is essential that the person also has adequate calcium intake. A minimum of 1000mg of elemental calcium daily is recommended for older people.

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