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eMAR Series Part Two - Increasing Accuracy

How eMAR Increases Accuracy

The advantages of eMAR are currently a huge point of discussion in the healthcare industry. One of the biggest components of this discussion is how eMAR saves time and increases accuracy. In a previous blog, we examined the time saving advantages eMAR promises. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at how eMAR increases accuracy.

1. Accurate Updates

Every time you dispense a medication, you can track it in eMAR. Whether through manual or interfaced entries, eMAR updates the instant additions or changes are accepted. This means your pharmacy no longer has to send you updated MARs every month and your staff no longer has to take the time to reconcile them with your inventory. No more waiting till the end of the month for updates and no more monthly reviews of new MARs.

2. Accurate Med Pass

Because all prescription labels have a barcode, all your nurses need to do during med pass is scan the medication. Your eMAR confirms the 5 Rights in that one scan and alerts the med tech if anything isn’t as it should be.

This barcode is also helpful when checking in medications. Consider the time and energy it takes to check in cycle meds every month, as well as the mistakes that are easily made when doing such bulk actions. eMAR makes it possible to scan through the cycle medications quickly. Once all the medications have been scanned, eMAR will alert your staff to anything that’s missing, further ensuring accuracy. What was often as much as a full day’s work can now be done in a fraction of the time.

3. Accurate Changes

Anybody handling MARs knows how important it is to accurately record changes and make sure those changes are updated on the next month’s MAR. Until the advent of eMAR, your only choice was to write a note by hand and hope it got updated in the next month’s MAR. eMAR allows immediate updates, cutting down on errors from missed—or misread—changes.

Consider the advantage this offers your community. Any change in orders that gets handwritten and leads to a label that doesn’t match the printed MAR can also lead to a write-up on your community for non-compliance. By entering changes electronically, you can rest assured every medication label matches your eMAR.

How has eMAR increased accuracy in your community?

We’d love to hear about your experience with eMAR. If you are currently using eMAR, contact us here and tell us how it has impacted your community.


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