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eMAR Series Part Three- Objections

It’s clear that eMAR increases accuracy and accountability while offering many other advantages to Assisted Living Communities. So why isn’t everybody using eMAR?

As we talk with the people working daily in long term care, we consistently hear the same three concerns about making the switch to eMAR.

1. We don’t have the time/budget/infrastructure to install wireless.

This is easily the most common objection to making the switch to eMAR. The benefits would be great, but not every community’s building was designed to handle Wi-Fi.

There’s good news on this front. You do not need wireless to take advantage of eMAR’s benefits. Wireless is nice, but it’s not necessary. All you need is a connection to the Internet somewhere in your building, such as a LAN, so that you can periodically sync the data for your eMAR.

Ultimately, the question of wireless is answered by which eMAR you choose to implement. There are many products on the market today, each designed to serve different needs for different communities. Work with your pharmacy to find an eMAR that meets the unique needs of your community—such as operating without wireless.

2. eMAR won’t let us chart without an Internet connection.

This is another myth left over from the early days of eMAR. Just like the question of wireless, the answer to charting without Internet is choosing the right product. You can implement eMAR that will allow you to chart without an Internet connection. The key is to choose the right eMAR for your needs, which your pharmacy can help you do.

3. Transitioning from paper MAR to eMAR is too complicated.

Transitioning is a highly involved process, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. With a professional well-versed in transitioning from a paper to an electronic system, your community can be up and running on eMAR after a timely and smooth transition. If your pharmacy is currently interfaced with the eMAR of your choice the transition can take as little as 1-2 weeks. If your pharmacy is not interfaced with your eMAR choice then it can take quite a bit longer to build an interface, then implement and train. Hopefully your pharmacy already has several interfaces already in place.

There are many different eMAR platforms available in today’s market. So it's vital to leverage a professional who can help you select the right eMAR for your needs. We'll cover implementation in a future blog, as well as how to select the best eMAR for your community.

Get a free eMAR consultation

Not all eMARs are the same. We’ve been working with communities to implement eMAR since 2010 and have close to a dozen interfaces either in place or in the process of being built. Each community has its own unique needs and Mercury Pharmacy Services can help you determine the best solution for your community. Contact us for a free consultation. We will evaluate your community and recommend the best products on the market suited to your individual situation.

Schedule your free consultation. Call us at 425.673.5200 or send us an email at


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