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eMAR Series Part Four - Selection

How to Select Your eMAR

Not all eMARs are created the same. In fact, there’s a daunting number of companies developing eMAR platforms and if you’re tempted to start googling around—


Before you do anything else, get your pharmacy involved.

Implementing eMAR is a huge endeavor you will only want to do once and only with a professional at the helm. If you’re considering eMAR, the first thing you need to do is pull your team together.

We can not stress the importance of this enough. Many of the advantages of eMAR are possible because it integrates directly with your pharmacy. Building that integration takes time, but chances are your pharmacy has already built integrations for multiple eMAR platforms. They can review these existing integrations in light of the unique needs of your community and potentially save you a huge amount of time and difficulty.

Avoid the Vendor Nightmares

We’ve worked with countless communities who tried to go it alone. Every one had a similar experience. They searched online for eMAR providers, invited some new and some established vendors to come in and give their presentation. Then they selected one only to find out it wasn’t what they were expecting.

Avoid the stress and anxiety by pulling your pharmacy in from the very start. When one of our communities wants to look at eMAR, we sit down to assess their needs and, inevitably, one of the platforms we’ve already integrated with will serve them well.

We’re constantly researching new and existing platforms so our communities can be confident they’re getting the best eMAR out there, without having to spend hours doing the research. Trust your pharmacy to know the best option for your eMAR.

Get a Free Assessment

We can help you get started with a free assessment. Our experts will take a careful look at your community’s unique needs and

  • Recommend the best eMAR to fit your needs

  • Equip you with what you need to know about implementing eMAR

  • Help you understand the integration with your pharmacy

There’s no obligation and no strings attached. Simply contact us at 425-673-5200 or to set up the assessment.


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