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Refrigeration Monitoring

Medications and biologics are sensitive to different conditions and can become unstable and lose potency if they are not stored correctly. United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and CDC standards need to be maintained.

Storage Temperature and Environmental Recommendations:

Refrigerated medications need to be kept in closed and labeled containers with internal and external medications separated. They also need to be separated from fruit juice, applesauce, yogurt, and other foods used to administer medications. Potentially harmful substances and chemicals need to be kept away from medications and in a locked area.

Room temperature should maintain an average of 59oF to 77oF.

Controlled room temperature 68oF to 77oF.

Not exposed to UV rays or sunlight.

Not exposed to excess moisture (<= 40% humidity).

Refrigerator temperatures should be between 36oF to 46oF.

Freezer temperatures should be between 14oF to 20oF.

Medication requiring storage “in a cool place” are refrigerated unless otherwise indicated on the label.

Fridge temperatures need to be recorded daily, unless vaccines are being stored, then they are check twice daily.

Any food used for medications needs to be dated and is good for 3 days.

Once opened, food for medications needs to be kept cool (on ice).

Dorm room fridges are not recommended by the DEA or CDC.

Injections should not be stored in the door, a drawer, or near the freeze section if a dorm style fridge is being used. Temperatures in these areas are not stable.

Do not put lab samples in the medication fridge.

Infusion Therapy Storage and Labeling:

Intravenously administered medications need to be kept separate from orally administered medications. They also need to be kept at the temperatures listed above. Communities need to ensure that infusion therapy containers are removed from the fridge or freezer in an appropriate amount of time before administration.

One-liter solutions – remove 1-2 hours before use.

Less than one-liter solutions – remove 30-60 minutes before use.

Frozen products – thaw in fridge 6-8 hours before use.

Please download our fridge temperature log for easy use.

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