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Alzheimer's Association Fundraiser

Join Us For A


With all proceeds going towards the Alzheimer's Association

Diamond Knot Brewpub

2602 232nd St SW #106

Friday, July 19 from 11 until 2PM

Join us for a talk and book signing about Finding Rose, written by Angelia Brigance. Admission costs $40 and includes lunch and a signed copy of the book.


Author, Educator, Public Speaker & Entrepreneur

Angelia Brigance is no stranger to teaching on dementia and Alzheimer's. For the last 26 years, her career has been focused on navigating the many challenges that seniors face. Her first book, Finding Rose, is a work she created after being asked by seniors and their families for more information on staying connected with their loved ones.

To RSVP, please email either Ed Mason or Hannah Bredereck.

Below is a summary of Finding Rose:

Rose is delightful, flamboyant and a widow. Having just lost her husband, Rose's daughter steps in to find Rose increasingly disoriented and forgetful. Even as a nurse, Maureen does not recognize the early signs of her mother's dementia.

The story follows Maureen and Rose as Maureen learns skills to open communication with her mother through her mother's confusion... and understanding family conflict arising from a dementia diagnosis. Through Maureen, you will learn practical skills to understand and communicate with someone with dementia at the early and middle stages.

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