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  • Stephen Boulanger

Finding Rose - Our Talk With Author Angelia Brigance

July 19th, we gathered at Diamond Knot Brewpub in Mountlake Terrace to listen to a talk by Finding Rose author and educator, Angelia Brigance. As a caregiver and teacher with years of experience working with dementia and Alzheimer’s, Angelia has become somewhat of an expert on the difficult realization seniors face when their memory starts to fade.

Through her speech, personal anecdotes, and passage from her book, Finding Rose, we learned more about the difficulties such diagnoses create. By understanding the various realities people with dementia live in and learning the skills to better communicate with them, we can stay connected to those we love.

Thank you to all who came to support the Alzheimer's Association!

Thank you to Angelia Brigance for the beneficial and thought-provoking experience (and for our signed copy, of course)!


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