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  • Stephen Boulanger

Debunking Rumors About COVID-19

Correcting the rumors spread about the Coronavirus and understanding the facts on how to avoid contraction.

1. Air purifiers and humidifiers DO NOT remove COVID-19 particles from the air. The safest way to avoid inhaling the virus is to simply avoid contact with someone who is sick.

2. The disease DOES NOT have varying effect on people of different ethnicity or gender. No group of people are more or less at risk than another. Even if you consider yourself healthier than average, take precautions to avoid getting sick.

3. COVID-19 DOES NOT remain in the system of someone who has been released from quarantine. Individuals who have recovered from the disease and been approved by health officials to exit isolation are safe to interact with and should be treated normally.

4. Products “Made in China” DO NOT need to be removed from shelves. The FDA prioritizes early inspection of imported goods and materials. In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, the FDA has begun more aggressive inspection, including records requests to verify product origination.

5. Asian food IS NOT contaminated with COVID-19. You cannot contract the disease from your local restaurants and food chains that prepare food as ordered. You can continue to buy from these places and you can even ask them about the local suppliers they get their ingredients from.

6. The flu vaccine WILL NOT protect you from COVID-19. The flu vaccine only protects you from a predetermined flu strain. The COVID-19 disease is an amalgamation of viruses, of which the CDC is working on a vaccine for.

7. Animals ARE NOT immune to COVID-19. Humans and animals alike are at risk of the disease. All pet owners should wash hands often and avoid touching the face, and please do not allow pets contact with someone showing signs of illness.

8. Disposable face masks SHOULD NOT be washed and reused. If you are sick or are a healthcare professional in contact with a sick patient, always replace your disposable face mask with a new one. If you are not sick nor at immediate risk of infection, consider donating unused and unopened masks to your local nursing facility or hospital.

Fear of the Coronavirus disease is spreading throughout the US, and especially in Washington State. Worldwide, the mortality rate has climbed to 3.4% (compared to the 0.1% mortality rate of the flu). While the threat is real, not everything on the internet is the truth. More than 51,000 people around the globe have contracted the disease and recovered. Communities with proper knowledge of health guidelines will become our most effective weapon against COVID-19. Always check the official websites of the Washington State Department of Health and of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for the most up to date information. Following the government approved precautions to avoid spreading the disease is the number one way to combat its outbreak. If you show signs of an illness including a fever or cough, do not hesitate to contact your local physician or clinic. Read more about COVID-19 transmission, the efforts to combat the outbreak, and how you can prepare your home and community through the links below.

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