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Skilled Nursing

At Mercury, we are dedicated to providing exceptional quality to skilled nursing communities. We provide one of the most comprehensive and thorough review processes in the area with a consulting team that services over and above the standard drug utilization review process.

  • Electronic Health Record connection and integration

  • Simple online access for ordering

  • Multiple medication packaging options

  • Accuracy and efficiency through robotic packaging

  • Daily delivery services with real time tracking

  • Consultations and audits to prepare you for survey

  • Top-rated medication carts


We provide Medicare part A medications at a lower cost than national pharmacy providers. Statements are emailed to the community on a the fourth day of each month for consistent and on time information. When acceptable, we'll provide cost saving therapeutic interchanges.

For questions, call 425-673-5200 extension 352 or email

Delivery Services & Customer Support

We provide daily medication deliveries, seven days a week, 365 days a year (yes, even weekends and holidays). When needed, emergency deliveries are available. Plus, with our 24/7 on call service, you will always have access to a pharmacist. 

Consulting Pharmacist & other support

Our consultant pharmacists visit monthly based on your community's preference. They can review medication lists as needed for residents experiencing behavioral problems or increases in falls. Our consultants can review and educate your staff on processes, systems, and carts.

Audits & Survey preparedness

Mercury Pharmacy provides:

  • Drug regimen reviews

  • Process & system consulting

  • Medication pass audit

  • Medication storage review

  • Medication error prevention in-services

  • Regular attendance at quarterly meetings

Additional services & supplies

  • Full range of IV/TPN supplies

  • E-Kits - Electronic MedDISPENSE

  • Wound care supplies

  • Enteral and nutritional supplies

  • Flu clinics

  • Specialized medications (including compounds)

  • Nurses drug handbooks and quick reference guide

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IV delivery system that does not require a pump or gravity

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